Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have a new corp! I got accepted into Habitual Euthanasia [HABIT] a few days ago. It is the corporation (part of Pandemic Legion alliance) that I made my colourful application for, in a previous  blog post. 

If you're wondering why it took so long for me to finally join, well the answer is rather complex and involves a bit of domestic drama, so here it goes...


You see, my husband Rawden (ingame character name) happens to be in a corp that is part of the Northern Coalition. As you are probably aware, Pandemic Legion have had a campaign running to fight the NC for a few months now. This was causing two main problems in my application. First, PL members were suspect of recruiting a potential spy. Secondly, my husband was very very against me joining an alliance that was his main ingame "enemy". Despite a potential security threat, HABIT kindly decided to accept my app anyways, yet because of my husband's ingame sensitivities I agreed to wait until a better time to join (that is, until PL stopped actively fighting the NC).

Three weeks passed, and I became increasingly antsy. Genos Occidere (my old corp) then joined PL, and there went a lot of my old roaming buddies. Every time I logged in I would hear them talking about how much fun it was, all the huge OPs they were going on etc... I found myself getting a little jealous even.

I then had a few streaks of really really bad luck in EVE. I found myself dying a lot when trying to solo. Falcons, bait ships (even bait rocket and laser fitted bombers), and blobs everywhere. After one particularly bad day in EVE (I lost 5 ships), I went out for a coffee with my husband and I told him about my boredom with the game, and how I really wanted to join a big alliance, and try new things (i.e. please let me join PL!). He put his prejudices aside, and said "OK honey, you can join Pandemic Legion." Yay!!! "With one condition, you're not allowed to kill me, or two of my irl EVE friends in my corp." A fair deal I think. Considering him and his two friends are complete carebears (not that there's anything wrong with that), it is rather unlikely that I will ever see them in a PVP situation.

And so the next day I applied. Then the day after, I logged into to see this. Me in my shiny new corp:

How cool does that corp and alliance logo look?

By the time I've written this post, I've already spent a few days trying to settle into my new corp. They seem like really chill guys, and have been very nice and welcoming to me.

It has been a great experience so far. I've already learnt so many new things, flown new ships and had many new experiences in EVE. My EVE boredom is certainly gone, and I intend to blog about it a lot more in the coming months. All the ups and downs and dramas included. And trust me, there's a lot of good drama :P

To my new corp and alliance members that may read this blog, thank you for making me welcome into your EVE home, even if some of you think I'm a spy ^^  Much love ♥


  1. Well, now I'm going to have to watch out for you in Local. :)

  2. You let your husband tell you what you're allowed to do in a game? I personally think you should use your knowledge of his gaming habits to lead a gang to seek him out in game specifically to target him. :) Show him who's boss.

  3. Good luck with PL! I've thought about applying to them before.. Excited to hear about your take on their style.

  4. I've never spent time reading application posts before but that was funny.

    God damn, I bet you have a decent EvE game now.

  5. Eve domestics 4tw! Looking forward to reading of your new adventures o/

  6. Congrats! PL eh? That will certainly make for some awesome posts and I look forward to them. I've thought of playing around in null at some point, not sure though. And if the hubbie gets too outta line just threaten black ops into his carebear havens :PP

  7. So happy for you that you finally got ur eve wish come true xoxox

  8. This actually made me laugh out loud =)