Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awesome New Blogs to Read

A couple of my EVE friends have just recently started their EVE blogs, and they are really great!


I've known Ariartus for over a year now, she is a dear friend and fellow piratess. She is one kick-ass chick! Seriously, this girl has no mercy, so watch out if you ever see her local.
Her blog is written in a humorous, entertaining style.  It's colourful, chaotic and lots of fun. Please do check it out and subscribe.

Dian Lung

I love the concept of Dian's new blog. As the title says, she is a "recovering carebear". She blogs about her journey venturing out into a new scary world of PVP. In particular, she is trying to fly solo for the first time and she details all her success and failures in an honest and insightful way.
It's great to see her progress as her confidence grows. To make her even more encouraged, go to her blog and comment and give her some inspiring words and advice!


  1. Thanks for letting know about these two! Will add them to the Player Blogroll, if they aren't already listed (sorry, lost track, too many blogs in there!).

  2. <3 Ari! \o/ And other person is cool too.

  3. Both excellent blogs and excellent people. Especially looking forward to hearing more of Dian's adventures in PvP, and getting her exploded myself a few times. Oops.