Monday, February 28, 2011

Null sec special on Lost in EVE Podcast

This week I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest on the "Lost in Conversation" Podcast!

Background: Lost in Conversation is intended to be a 'raw' podcast that's focused on 'talk' about all things EVE. This is a roundtable-like podcast with guests (known and unknown) joining the cast lead by Jade or Jayne. This is a relaxed podcast, filling in bi-weekly between the main Lost in Eve podcast sessions, bringing you the kind of conversation that only New Eden capsuleers will appreciate!

For those of you who haven't heard Jade and Jayne's podcast before, you really should. Especially if you're chilling out (eg: mining, doing missions, or going on a long drive - usually 1-2 hour long show) and want something EVE-related to listen to, their show is a really great listen and often with a lot of laughs.

You can listen to it by streaming it from here:

or you can go to the LiE forums and download it/listen on itunes from here:

I'm just listening to the recording now, and as expected, it's pretty weird hearing my own voice (and my mic sounds weird I think). Also, I had only had 3-4 hours sleep when we recorded it at 8am, so excuse me if I don't sound coherent.

You may notice I was really quiet for the first half - this was due to nerves and not really knowing much about the Providence region history/politics, so I didn't comment much. On the jump bridges topics though... I have some opinions :)

Hope you enjoy it!

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