Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mysterious Delve

Like a thief in the night, and in just a few impressively organized hours yesterday, Pandemic Legion has made the move to our new home, Delve!

I think I've only ever roamed into Delve once or twice very briefly, so I have no idea what awaits me.

Some kind corpmates have taken all my gear there already, so all I needed to do was travel 54 jumps (mostly through scary high sec) in my dramiel in order to get there.

From Pure Blind to Delve, the land of Milk and Honey

Luckily, I didn't have to wait long to get into some action today already. As I logged in, Soho Torres was FC'ing a Dramiel op into Atlas space. We had about 8 dramiels (i think?), 1 stilletto and a kitsune.

We were playing around in I1Y-IU (Querious) for ages, trying to bait some -A- guys into engaging us. In the time I was there, we managed to kill a curse, and other stuff kept playing station games. Even 3 of their bhaalgorns did nothing as our dramiels tried to tempt them into aggressing by sitting at zero and not moving at all. Nothing would budge. We had seen some carriers dock and undock, and finally one of them got the balls to aggress.

And so I witnessed my first Supercarrier hot drop:

I've never seen a carrier melt so fast, it was impressive.

Now, one of the reasons I joined a corp in Pandemic Legion, was to experience this exact kind of thing. Not just this carrier gank, but the ability to gather force with such short notice. Being in such a highly organised alliance is rather awesome.


Just in the last week I've experienced the following things, all for the first time ever in EVE:

- Flying an Abaddon. I flew it on a POS bashing with my Amarr alt Janice Khan, on one of PL's famous "Hellcat" fleets. Thankfully we did get to shoot some ships too, as we stumbled across an unfortunate Drake gang, that was quickly decimated.

- Flying a Munnin. I've had the skill to do so for ages, yet had never flown one before. Someone lent me one for a LR HAC gang, and I have to say: What a sexy ship! I must buy my own soon.

- I bought my very first Zealot. Amarr have the best looking ships. Seriously, they are just beautiful! I have been able to fly Amarr T2 frigs and cruisers since nearly one year ago, and I still have never flown them, can you believe it? Soon I hope.

- Titan Bridging! Embarrassingly, I had never titan bridged before, and so when the FC ordered the fleet to titan bridge, I didn't know what to do! I was panicking as I was the last one left behind and I was shouting to some mates in another channel "QUICK HELP! HOW DO I JUMP WITH A TITAN BRIDGE???" as my FC was saying calmly over comms "One moment, we just have to wait for Janice Khan to jump through..." Thank God that Elise (my lovely ceo and FC) is a kind soul and didn't scream at me "hurry up and JUMP you fucking retard!" as many others I'm sure would have. After what seemed like an eternity a friend tells me "Just right click on the titan and 'jump'." Phew.
- I managed to die terribly in a travel fit drake in 0.0 in my very first day of being in HABIT. Because of my trashed sec status (-8), I have to travel fit all my ships that come out of high sec. What happened was that I logged in and immediately jumped into a drake and fleeted with some PODLA friends to go roaming. Well, since I have my passive modules hidden on my HUD, I didn't realize that my travel WCS were still fitted. Basically, I jumped into a camp (couldn't target anything because of :LOL WCS: ) and died. To cope with this tragic loss, I decided to make a funny troll comment on the Killboard. This started a threadnaught I'm rather proud of. A lot of people got the joke and went with it, yet some people actually believed it and demanded I be immediately purged from PL for being "a bad" and "inexperienced with 0.0 mechanics". Sigh.


Oh, and just in case you were wondering how my marriage to the enemy is going (as detailed in my last blog entry). My NC hubby is very very happy to have his PL wife in Delve and far away from his home turf. So things are getting better and better.


  1. Good post, Red. Was the move to Delve at the invitation of IT Alliance elements, or a decision to get some prime real-estate while the getting was good? Or perhaps both?

  2. Haha, love the troll!

    Also, I too found myself the last one to jump on my very first titan bridge. It is a lonely couple of minutes figuring out what to do - that is for sure :)


  3. No troll intended. A sincere question.

  4. Oh, this brought back memories. What do you mean I click on the titan? Where? Do I need...what's the password um? What are all those bays? If I click on the wrong thing will someone pod me.

    Honestly, I still click three or four times until I go through. I'm always afraid with the slight delay that I've muddled it up and I'm going to get left behind.

  5. It'll be interesting to see what part PL play in the future of the region.

  6. @Mord Fiddle - I guess the move is for ~good fights~ because there's gonna be a lot of land grabbing since IT is dissolving.

  7. The move is for cheap ganks, in order to pad their KB due to NC raping them up north.

  8. I'm one of the "Delve Thunderdome" people. We were going to take sov and start the melee, but when PL moved in, everyone decided to refrain from taking any stations until they leave.

    Official orders among the Delve Fight Club coalition are to bore PL away. They are welcome back (and will be given fights) after we get a few stations to base out of. PL is just a few days too soon - come now, get a few ganks, give us some breathing room, and get lots of ganks.

  9. PL new contract stats at march 1st!! ready to move again Laedy!! till there...see you on the BF! o/