Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shooting my beloved

I'm a pretty social person. I know a lot of people in EVE. I'm in a lot of different chat channels,  read a lot of blogs, and I've always flown with many different people. I've corp-hopped my fare share too.

And so it is very very likely that sometimes when I'm roaming, I'll come across people I know and will be in a situation where I might have to shoot them.

What do you guys do when you come across these situations?

Friends and Foes

I remember the very first time I flew with Mynxee and the Hellcats. I was so excited, because they were the first females I had encountered in EVE. It was a lot of fun, but I remember that nearly every system we jumped into, Mynxee would be waving hello to someone. She had so many friends in the game, and everyone seemed to know her. We'd often come across a gang, and she'd say "Sorry guys, they're my friends, we can't shoot them" so we'd have to move on.

I don't know about you, but one thing that really annoys me in EVE, is having too many "blues". I've always chosen to join corps that have very few blues. Being an Australian, I already have so little targets available in my timezone, the last thing I want is even less people I can shoot at.

A while back, I used to solo roam a lot in Old Man Star system. I would often gang up with randoms in local, when the need arose. One corp I used to gang up with a lot was The Python Cartel.
One thing I loved about the Python Cartel is that they treated me like a great friend if I was in fleet with them, yet when I wasn't, I was fair game (and vice-versa). We had a mutual respect that if there was an opportunity to fight, we would.

I recently talked to a friend ingame that was extremely upset at some other girl (hateful even), because they had just been roaming together the day earlier, and then the very next day this chick went and killed her with her gang. I thought to myself,  man I hope I never encounter this person in space, because I would have probably done the same. It's nothing personal, but sometimes I don't even look at people's names when shooting them. All I often see is ship type and alliance. Is anyone else like this?


An awkward situation

A few months ago, when solo roaming in my Vexor, I came across a situation where I saw an old corp-mate siting in a vagabond at 50km off a gate in low-sec. I say hi in local, but he doesn't reply. Strange, I thought. We were pretty good friends in that time we were in corp together. No matter, a fight is still a fight. I charged at him and got within scram range, and targeted him, hoping he would aggress first (since I was flashy and he wasn't). Nothing. 1 minute passes, and still nothing. I try bumping him, to no avail. I then realized he's AFK. Sitting at a low-sec gate in a vaga AFK.
A bit of a dilemma.

I decided to go for it anyways. I agressed under gate guns, which in a vexor, is not the best idea. My drones were dying fast, and I was reaching hull, but I managed to align out, kill the Vaga and warp out. I actually nearly died to the gate guns, which would have been rather embarrassing.

Would you have killed an old friend like that, in that situation? I kind of justified my actions by telling myself that if I hadn't done it, someone else would have. Right?
- BTW, the guy was really good-natured about it, we talked a while later and had a laugh. Turns out he had fallen asleep at the keyboard.


What made think of this topic

Yesterday I was roaming in a dramiel gang with some guys in my alliance. We roamed to a dead end system we often visit, and immediately get tackle on a vexor. We all get in on the kill mail, because it seems the vexor is AFK shooting a Control Tower, since he didnt even try and aggress any of us. Very strange, we thought.

Well, this seemingly little kill escalates into something a lot more interesting. We were sitting at this tower, pondering if it would be worth it to actually kill it ourselves (since there were a lot of nice POS modules floating there). When suddenly a gang of about 10 ships (Battlecruisers + HAC)  warps in on top of us, seeking revenge for the Vexor. We all burn away, and watch them for a while. They huddle together, so there's nothing we could engage with our frigates.

Then I take a closer look at the gang. It's CONVICTED alliance. I have friends in there. A guy I had been roaming with just a couple of days earlier is in a drake, as also is Captain Serenity, who's blog I am an absolute fangirl of. I felt really bad, because what we did later was really dirty.
Basically, we did this:

We cynoed in 4 super-carriers and 1 carrier on top of them, killed some of them, then finished off the POS they had been working on for what must have been ages (since it was already in hull). The supers killed the control tower extremely quickly, and we scooped up all the nice POS modules for ourselves. All up, it was worth about 2 bil we "stole".

One of my friends from the CONVICTED gang convo'ed me and told me what a bad girl I am. I think I've also lost respect from Captain Serenity too :(

Also, one thing I've noticed since joining Pandemic Legion, is the amount of hate people have for this alliance. Friends' reaction are often: "LAEDY nooooooo. You joined PL /o\ WHY???" like it's the most evil and dirty thing I could have done.


Anyways, what I wanted to say with this blog post is this:

If you see me in space, and we say hello and we are friends and stuff, if you're not blue to my Alliance I will likely still shoot you. It doesn't mean I don't love you, but it means I respect you enough to know we can still be friends even if we kill each other. Agreed? ♥♥♥


  1. I think friends are fair game unless you dont do shitty stuff to them, like undocking an RR carrier or falcon alt or cyno in supercaps on them personally (anyones alliance is totally fair game). I used to chat away with people in UK in a separate channel while we were killing their fleets in providence. its a game, it shouldnt be taken too seriously.

  2. Azishkra'elhykai MizamelFebruary 23, 2011 at 2:45 AM

    Looks like Captain Serenity didn't mind at all.

  3. I've been thinking about this myself.

    Now, I havn't been in this situation but I'd shoot pretty much anything if I get the chance.

    It's not that there aren't enough fights out there but still if there's a friend right there who can be killed... why roam further? ;-)

  4. Nope, definitely doesnt look like captain serenity minded lol.

    Thanks for the warning, though, I'll defintely remember to hide if i see you in local! :-D

  5. If my friends don't realize they are targets if they aren't blue to me then they miss my whole point of playing the game. They get no better or worse treatment than anyone else. I'll do what I need to do, other than lie outright to them to get a kill. If you aren't my friend I will lie outright about everything except for 1v1's cause they are srsbznz. It's about the only thing that my alliance as a whole takes seriously. Buncha trolls we are. The under the bridge kind, not the forum kind.

  6. For me it's a case by case type of thing. Many Amarr players know me, and support me. I still shoot them.

    I've also shot Mynxee. And Venom Orchid. And other friends.

    It's about roleplay for me. Would the real me shoot at a friend? Of course not. Roc wouldn't shoot a friend either. But ingame, does Roc know the same EVE players I know out of game?

    He does not.

    Even then, if Mynxee and the Hellcats (at the time), were trying to gank me, and I had to fight back to survive, damn straight I'd go for her first.

    My rambling, for what it's worth.

  7. To be fair, if we were roaming around our old stomping grounds in Essence, we had a small group of blues there, mainly one alliance of "carebears with teeth" in our home system. That situation got slightly out of hand when Aduro Protocol was in Hellfleet alliance because they had a list of blues 10 miles long at the time. It made for some unfun times but fortunately that relationship didn't last long ;)

    I've never been a big fan of having a lot of blues, but I also believe it makes sense to have friends in your own backyard (e.g., home system). I've attacked and been attacked by plenty of my in-game friends...all in good fun and no harm/no foul.

  8. Yes, people hate you now that you're in PL. Think of it this way: PL are like the NY Yankees. Everybody hates the Yankees except Yankee fans, who are all jerks. People hate the Yankees because they always win, and they always win because they take all the best players, and they get all the best players because they have the biggest payroll. Yes, the Yankees are good, but they are the result of the unfortunate state of our world: that money breeds money, power breeds power, and that the working masses will always dislike the privileged few.

  9. Well. I think you know my position on this. I do not like blues, and while I am also a social butterfly in eve, it doesn't matter who you are, if I come across you I'll shoot you, no matter how much I like you. In fact, I get an extra kick out of shooting my friends. When people get bitter about it, it doesn't make me think twice, in fact, it makes them juicier targets.

  10. I would be honoured to be shot in the face by you lol.

    Some people take pvp way too personally. At the end of the day pvp'ers want targets and just because they shoot you doesn't mean they dont like you. My own experience is that the corps we personally have the most time and respect for are ones we have at some point been (or are currently) shooting in the face. Sadly not everyone see's it this way.

  11. I approve of this message. :D I've had a lot of similar experiences myself, on a smaller scale - it's not unheard of for certain pilots in the Factional Warfare community (even some of the more prominent FCs and corp officers) to switch sides. Even though I've flown with those guys before, there's certainly no hangups about shooting each other - if anything, we're even MORE bloodthirsty about it!

    I also have very much the same situation you do domestically - a lot of my corpmates and fellow FW pilots have no problem going after GCC pilots we find in the sections of lowsec we live in, and my fiancé recently joined The Bastards. We haven't actually fought each other yet, but when we do, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens!

  12. Friends come and go.... but a killmail... that lasts forever :)

  13. the only thing that sucks about it all is the edited kill mail... /shrug

  14. Thanks for the comments guys!

    @ Mynxee - Yeah I understand, sometimes when your blues have blues...not much you can do without causing :diplomatic incidents: lol

    @Gern - LMAO. I absolutely love your comment, awesome anology!

    @Anonymous - We didn't edit the killmail. A lot of KM's have been bugged lately. We were just as surprised as CONVICTED were =S

  15. I think a lot of the PL hate comes from their arrogance in posting, in places like kugu and coad. That, and the "always winning" thing.

  16. And yet you wouldn't provide us with a warpin on your hubbie's marauder :(

  17. This is a situation I come across myself from time to time, I generally take it on a case by case basis it can be frustrating at times.I believe I encountered this exact problem whilst roaming with you more than once. I do believe we managed to find a way around it tho :) A great post and Tbh you could write an essay on this subject definitely food for thought. xx

  18. Agreed Laedy! I read your blog and a few days ago you escaped from our bubble in a gate in Delve...i just saw your dramiel and thought "nice...that´s laedy" but unfortunately you escaped because our tackler "slept" and didnt point u! :D
    anyway....i will shoot you anyway...becuase thats why we are in shoot targets and have day you will be red...another day you should be blue...who know!.. lets enjoy till there! :D

    stay cool and see u out there girl! o7

    MoDa EfE

  19. Damn you Laedy! I owned that Vexor! I was hanging a couple of pieces of washing out when you guys warped in, having been sitting on the station for over an hour I figured I'd be safe for 5 mins :P

  20. totally agree Laedy, there's been times we've fleeted and times we've hunted each other. It's a game and supposed to be fun.

  21. hah, my friend from c0ven (from stoven not pl) went once pretty emo about his unscouted itty5 filled with electrolytes.. :) (o/ MrOzzy if you read it)

    Anyway, what Morel said and long as I wouldn't trash my friend's last isk (but who would put his last isks on risk anyway?), I feel it's fair game..


  22. I read this the other day and meant to reply then. Seeing your comment on my blog reminded me. Thanks and also thanks for the compliment. :)

    This was a good read and one that new players to EVE should take to heart. There are friends OOC and then there are friends IC. The two list rarely cross. Trust no one should be every pilots motto. ;)

    I have to laugh, however, RP in EVE? I've yet to find any in game. I've seen some on the forums and in blogs, but in game... Riiiiiight.

  23. Gern nailed it. Though I dislike PL primarily because they condone haxxors. That's where I draw the line. If they were just awesome PVPers, they'd just have my respect.

    As for the shooting friends issue, it's hard to generalize. Not lying is a given. Tending to be inclined to engage also. But if you KNEW your AFK friend had a full set of Slaves, would you pod him as well? I can't see myself doing that. But yeah, it's EVE, everybody's gotta do what works for them, I guess.

  24. If they have a full set of slaves you ransom him!

  25. Well, when you play chess you don't moan about losing. You don't beg your friend "awww, let me win!" or "Leave my pawns alone! Their mining!"
    So if we aim at winning with those guys in chess or whatever other game, why not do the same in eve? :P
    And then there's a lesson to learn in every pew, right? That way you give them a lesson and if their not willing to learn from it, that's their fault ;)

    Well that's my 2 cents on this matter.
    /an old roami member