Friday, March 4, 2011

My friends like to shoot me

So I logged in today, and am instantly convo'ed by my friend PMSing (who is also in PL) who tells me "Quick! Get into a ship and get into fleet! Stuff is going down!" So I get into fleet and am excited to get going, but the fleet composition is mainly Tengus and other Caldari shield tanking ships and recons, which I can't fly or don't have in my hangar.

I'm scrambling around, panicking, trying to find something I can fly so I can quickly get there and not miss the next Titan bridge out. Everyone seems preoccupied, and no-one is answering my pleas to lend me a corp hangar ship, or certain modules I need to get one fitted for myself.

My friend Duncan also logs in at this point, and we decide to get into shield Tempests and make best speed there together. No luck, we miss the Titan bridge :(

We won't give up! We'll make our way there anyway, 22 jumps!

Unfortunately our comms got messed up, and Duncan was ahead of me and dies to a camp on the way.  I make it through the camp shortly after, but then my computer crashes and I'm raging at my mac laptop. All in the meanwhile, my husband is trying to get me off the computer and persuade me to go out to the markets with him, as I'm listening in on comms at my Alliance absolutely owning the crap out of whatever they were shooting.


Basically, I'm trying so hard to get to this fight, you have no idea. I've been missing out on so many good fights lately, always just 5 minutes too late. I'm REALLY desperate to get to this one.


After a few jumps of emptiness, (I'm nearly getting there!) I land into the system of Y-2ANO - and I remember shortly after I jump in why this is familiar. I see in local various CONVICTED alliance members, including some fellow Aussie friends Opije, RaptorF22 and Zamone (the latter two of which I know IRL).

As I jumped into system, I warped immediately to the next gate just hoping that there is no bubble (I'm trying really hard to best-speed it to the pew pew destination). In mid-warp, Zamone says hi in local, and so do my other friends. I think I know what's going to happen... I make a small plead before I land in the drag bubble 70km off gate. "Please don't kill me guys, I've had a bad day" (which was true, don't ask).

Now imagine this, just 1 week ago, I was having dinner in the city of Melbourne with Zamone and Raptor. They are lovely people, and we had a great time hanging out with the regular Melbourne EVE players meet-up. But considering my previous blog post regarding the matter of shooting friends ingame, I can understand what happened next:

I tried to burn away and warp, but got scrammed. I hardly even got to fire a shot as I popped very quickly in my paper-thin suicide Tempest.

Zamone assured me she still loves me, but I could tell they were rather excited to kill me. LOL.

I, on the other hand was very very emo. I mean, I don't care about losing a ship, it wasn't even rigged and it was fully insured. What I did care about however, was that I missed out on the whole fleet fight I was so desperately trying to get to. Also, I missed out going to the markets with my husband, and as I write this, my pod is camped in a system so I can't even get home. Altogether, this makes for a pretty shitty day.

Makes me think, is this is some kind of bad karma for my previous post? It's just kind of ironic that this happened don't you think? Maybe I'll think twice about killing my friends next time, especially if they're solo. It's just kind of mean isn't it?


P.S.  This is what I missed out on


  1. ouch, and BTW, your last link is broken should be

  2. Azishkra'elhykai MizamelMarch 4, 2011 at 10:46 PM

    Poor chica. My condolences on a shitty day.

    Sounds like how I missed out on a B2K/Mad Bombers pure pwnage against a carrier because my stealth bomber landed in a gatecamp just 3 jumps out.

  3. Ahh that sucks! Sometimes we have to eat our own medicine, and it tastes like poop hehe!

  4. Bad luck, sometimes this game likes to punch you in the stomach.

  5. I was on the 'owned' end of that fight, in the Fatal Ascension fleet. We all thought it was pretty crazy PL was flying that many Tengus and logis, but it was awesome. Half of my fleet got alpha'ed to hell (I think all Maelstroms), and in response we managed to get very few kills (Shadoo is the only one I know for sure). We had a hard time just killing a Sabre. Great fight though! I'm very sorry you missed it, but more are sure to come.

  6. Wear the PL tag, face the consiquences.
    Both a medal and a curse

  7. Sorry we screwed your day up that little bit more Laedy! We really do still love you but it WAS a little thing to giggle over that it was you specifically.

  8. Sorry to hear about this happening, Laedy, and I definitely understand the feeling. I hope things look up for you quickly!

  9. Thanks for the condolences guys ♥♥♥

    Now I've re-read this post, I can see the funny light in all that. But you know, what good is a blog if I don't get to whinge in it every once in a while? :P

    @ Truen1ght - thx for your comment, sounds like it was fun!

    @ Zamone - Love you chooka ♥ "IT'S ON!!!! RAWRRRRR"

  10. Only just got around to reading this, when reading what you said in local I thought it was kind of a joke.

    Still no matter what if it red you shoot it, sorry to hear that it was an inconvenience to ya. I'm sure you'll get your revenge :P

  11. You remind me of this youtube video (Laedy's First):

    If I were you I'd reread your post about blowing up afk friends. Please don't play the chick card again, that's beyond lame.

  12. @ Jonathan - Not usually into biting trolls, but I have no clue what you're talking about.

    AFAIK I only blew up 1 person AFK, and like I said it was a guy I hadn't talked to in like, 1 year.

    When did I play the chick card?

  13. Sorry if you think I'm a 'troll'. I was impressed with your appearance on Lost in EVE and recommended they take you on as a co-host and then I read this tripe, which makes you sound like a Mintchip clone, and it made my jaw drop.

    Let's review the story.

    You're 'excited to get going' but you're the only one in your alliance who is unprepared.

    You're 'excited to get going' because your alliance is 'absolutely owning the crap out of whatever they were shooting.' You consider that a 'good fight.' I wonder how 'excited to get going' you would have been if your alliance supercaps were dropping and desperately needed backup.

    Instead of taking responsibility for your disorganization by paying a small premium in the market to fit your unrigged ship properly, you are basically begging (or pleading, to use your language) in alliance chat for a 'loan'.

    Your friend (apparently prepared) logs in and heads off ahead of you. He dies in a gate camp that doesn't aggress you. Did you beg your way out of that one?

    Then you beg for your life in local. Warping gate to gate solo in a battleship in hostile space. Hypocrisy much?

    Then you get 'very very emo' when the people camping the gate shoot what drops in their bubble.

    Maybe that's how you roll. If I rolled that way I'd sure keep it to myself.

    Anyway, the youtube video is amazingly appropriate, please watch the whole thing and see if it's not eerily similar to this story.

    (If you don't acknowledge this is a 'Don't shoot me, I'm a girl' story, then I suggest you revisit who the troll might be.)

  14. Ohhhh... you must be "jonottawa" right? The Lost in EVE guys mentioned you were their resident troll. Nice to meet you.

    My friends know me. I fully didn't expect them to actually not shoot me because I'm a girl. I've gone through this game since 2007 without ever making a big deal of being a "girl".

    The only situation my gender has come up lately is in the last year since I've been an Administrator for the women's channel in EVE, and through this Lost in EVE podcast thing.

    If you actually read my post you could see that a man could have written the exact same thing. I make no comments about being a girl at all.

    You make so many assumptions that are wrong. You literally don't know how my alliance works at all. People in my alliance share ships all the time, you just have to ask for it (I was just a bit too late). Another assumption - I got through the camp because they had warped off somewhere else. And also, the people that killed me were not camping their gate at the time, they only came out to specifically shoot me because one of their guys saw me at the gate when I first jumped in.

    Basically, this is my blog. I had a bad day, and I was quite vulnerable about it and shared it in public. All in the meanwhile, admitting my many mistakes and flaws, and questioning my own views and previous posts.

    I take it quite personally that you attack me for crying the "girl" card, because I have been fighting against that ever since I first got into EVE. I have earned all I have in this game, including the respect of my peers. And I've done this not by being a girl, but by actually playing the game well and being good at what I do, which is mainly PVP.

  15. I agree with Laedy here, I'm a fellow Women Gamer of Eve, and I can say it's not a huge deal in-game. Yeah, I get trolled sometimes (Ok, a hell of a lot really) and at times it can make things dificult, but it's all in good fun and I make no big deal about any of it. It's just the experience of Eve.

    As it is, Laedy had a bad day. I can accept that. Normal people have bad days every now and then, does having your reproductive organs on the outside instead of inside make that much of a difference?

    Laedy is a briliant PvPer, she's earned the respect of myself, all those in my alliance who know her, and the majority of Eve as a whole. As it is I view her as a good role model of how women should be in Eve.

    Losing a Tempest on a bad day? I don't see how that has anything to do with it.

    Laedy has been playing FAR longer than Mintchip, and has tutored me in the ways of Eve at various points. Now she's red to me. And I'll fight tooth and claw against her, she knows it, and we both enjoy it.

    Honestly I gotta ask you mate, who pissed in your cheerios to make you judge honest (Mostly) and downright briliant eve players this way? A childish pet peeve is no reason to draw random conclusions about Laedy just 'cause she had a bad day.

    As it is, Laedy is a generous person, always giving to her close friends, and never taking without returning what she's borrowed.

    Long story short- Laedy is awesome, and you sound like a child throwing a tantrum about nothing in particular.