Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What a week! (PL forum leaks etc)

PL Forums Leak

First off, Wow... a lot has happened in the last week!

Everyone is talking about the Pandemic Legion forum leaks. I don't have much to say about it, except that I am now a lot more wary about the passwords I use, and security on the internet in general. I had to go change all my passwords to pretty much everything, including my personal emails and all.

I'm somewhat interested by the information being released, but mostly I really don't care for politics. I actually find meta-gaming thoroughly boring, but I understand why it's a necessary evil in this game. Internet spaceships are serious business etc...

Captain Serenity - The Angry Carebear

In other sad news, one of my favourite EVE bloggers is leaving the game. Captain Serenity has recently made this post saying his goodbyes from EVE and blogging in order to focus more on RL pursuits. I wish him all the best in his bright future ahead of him (I just found out he is only 15!!!)


In more fun news, this is what I've been doing lately:

A rose (guardian) amongst thorns (Abaddons)

I flew a guardian for the first time ever! Ever since I first saw this ship, I've always wanted to fly it, simply because I think it's one of the coolest looking ships in the game. Not because of its shape, but its colour is just brilliant! Gold and red on a spaceship... mmmh the Amarrians really do have the best taste in design.

It was rather fun to fly too. Pandemic Legion are extremely organized with their logistics. There are separate comms and channels for logi pilots. It felt good to contribute in that way. Also, logi pilots get their ships for free \o/ What more could I ask for?

Suddenly Tengus! That's me in the Sabre in the front :D

I finally got to fly in a "Thundercat" fleet! That is, Tengus and Basilisks, as shown above. You may have read in a previous emo blog post, I was lamenting on always missing out on these gangs. Well, I finally got to an op on time, and got involved... by flying a Sabre!

Every time I get into a Sabre, I make my peace with God. Knowing full well that I am likely to be primaried, and especially having no experience flying them in bigger fleets like this, I was extremely surprised to have lived to tell the tale! The lag was especially bad. It felt like I was running a slideshow on my Mac laptop. I realized after today, that I'm going to need to get a PC sometime in the near future.

Women Gamers of EVE (WGoE)

I haven't had a chance to talk about this in my blog yet, but about 2 months ago I was made an Administrator of the WGoE ingame chat channel. I had been a Moderator since mid last year, but recently Malindah (the channel Admin) has quit EVE Online and has left Arancia Detto and I in charge. What an amazing responsibility!

The channel has been a haven for me. It is a welcoming, encouraging and troll-free zone for women of all ages and backgrounds to meet and chat about anything and everything.

I realized recently that the only information available about the WGoE channel out of game, was a very outdated wiki (as in, was last updated in 2006). So Arancia and I decided to change this. I've made our very own EVElopedia article on the EVE Online website!

I also made a forum post in the "My EVE" section of the forums. The response has been fantastic! The WGoE channel has been growing exponentially, and is buzzing with activity. If you know any women that play EVE Online, invite them to WGOE=Public channel or get them to eve mail me, and we can set up a voice interview.

P.S. - I'm also looking forward to organizing another "WGoE Op" (women's only) roam soon! The last two were a lot of fun, so this next one should be huge!


  1. It's great how much the WGoE channel is taking off - I logged in at a slow time of the night today and saw a good five or six ladies I'd never met before. I'm really glad we're getting the publicity we deserve!

    Also, glad to hear you're having a good time flying the Guardian. :) Yes, it's a pretty ship, though I can only spend so much time in it before I go crazy. (Probably because my corp only has a limited number of logi pilots, so I get stuck doing it a lot.) Does that mean I'll have a logi buddy if we do an armour gang with WGoE? :)

  2. Sure thing! You just reminded me that we actually have to organize the roam first... Still don't know what ships we'll be doing.

  3. I keep trying to get my gf to play eve. Unfortunately, she's a wow-head. So, any ideas on how to get her to switch?

  4. @ Aristophanes - Mmmm... she might like playing with the character creator cause it's kind of fun. Then you can get her to tag along with you running missions or pvp or whatever you do?

    When Incarna comes along that will appeal to females even more imo.

    good luck :)