Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Speaking of meta-gaming

I just listened to a very interesting interview with Mazziliu from PL at :

It was recorded about 4 weeks ago, but in light of all the security drama lately, I think it's very timely.

Before this, I had never heard Mazz speak. She doesn't really actively play EVE at the moment (I haven't seen her login since I've joined), but I hear she is still active in the "spy" game as you may call it. Xutech does a good job with the interview, as we get to hear about her beginnings in EVE and seeing Pandemic Legion and Sniggerdly grow from its humble beginnings as a pirate corp, to what it is today.

I think she had some really good insights into what makes Alliances rise and fall in EVE, from witnessing it all first hand many times through meta-gaming of some sort or another. She also makes some really good points about the often lack of security in many Alliance's forums (ironically, I know) and security issues in 3rd party apps in EVE in general.

I mentioned briefly in my previous post that the whole spy/meta-gaming thing really doesn't interest me, that it all seems like too much :effort:. Yet as I listened to that interview I now understand that it's just a different playstyle in EVE. It is still very much part of the game, and as long as people don't break the EULA or the laws of their country, then it's all fair game right? And she obviously gets a huge thrill out of it!

One thing is for sure, she is one smart cookie.


  1. OOoo how interesting. I also have a great interest in the whole spying affair - I don't have big enough balls to do it myself but the idea of infiltration is facinating and so unique to Eve, love it!

  2. I saw you, I saw you salvaging!
    I hope you got some expensive salvage and loots :)

  3. HAHA! Yeah I got some nice stuff :D
    Still yet to see the footage, was fun though!