Monday, January 10, 2011

EVE Habitat in a Shoebox

I thought this little craft project I did recently was way too much fun not to blog about, so here it is:

Why would I spend/waste time making this glorious EVE diarama you ask?

I recently applied to join Habitual Euthanasia, which is a Corp part of Pandemic Legion alliance.

They have a very strict recruitment process in which you have to fill out an intensive application form.
It consists of various questions about yourself and current gamestyle, as well as showing good  knowledge of how to handle certain PVP situation and having to post various ship fittings. 

You can see my public application for yourself, at the PL Forums here.

The application took me roughly 5 hours to fill out. The word document I had saved at the end was 10 pages long! I've never even had to put that much effort into getting an RL job. These guys are very thorough :)

Anyways, after the initial application has been considered, it is Corp tradition to provide applicants with an "Arts and Crafts Project" to do before being accepted. Fearing the worst, I was quite relieved to be given the choice of some relatively benign tasks. The choice was to make either these paper birds or the following craft:

I chose the latter because it just seemed more interesting and creative, and it really was very fun to do.

I hand-drew those ships and other items in the box from looking pictures at online, cut them out and coloured them in with soft pastels. It gave them a vibrant, colourful look I was after, which contrasted with the black background of the box. Hope you like it :)

Wish me luck in my application to a new corp. I dearly love Mad Bombers (my current corp), but I feel the need to move on to something new and different in EVE. I want to try flying Cap ships and be part of large scale fleet battles. It's something I've never experienced, and I feel like I have so much to learn.


  1. That's awesome. Nice work and good luck.

  2. Good luck. I finally found my niche a year ago in the big fleet ops.

  3. Wow 10 pages an a diarama, you better get it!

    Ps. the diarama looks pretty sweet

  4. Hmmm. From lowsec pirate to nullsec elite arts and crafts mercenary. Next thing you know they'll be adding interpretive dance to the app process.

    Good luck, and see you in nllsec!

  5. Good luck! You'll certainly have fun if you get in :)

  6. Pretty epic recruitment thread there with all that family drama. Makes me happy my wife doesn't play, she'd probably sit in the same system as me and spam local with warnings to carebears.

  7. Easily the best arts and crafts project in the history of the corp: set a new standard tbh.

  8. We Love you leady! and your arts and crafts are awesome

  9. Awww thanks Zedd. Miss you guys. I'll come visit 11B channel again soon