Monday, January 10, 2011

Good fights, ganks, and free ISK

I've been a bit of a nomad in EVE lately. I roam with different people everyday, and I clone jump nearly every second day too, since I get easily bored. I've given up on camping EC- Torrinos gate with my corp for a while, since I'm apparently a pretty bad tackler (probably cause I'm always daydreaming while gate-camping), and being flashy (Torrinos is high sec) I find it slightly difficult getting ships larger than a frig in and out of there safely.

So I've been back to my Amamake and surrounds stomping grounds.

A couple of days ago a guy in Amamake local asked for a 1v1 when we were both in Ishkurs. Not many people are interested in 1v1's in Amamake, so I accepted gadly. He had a good fit, and it was such a close fight!

Anyways, what came about of that fight was even better. I had a good chat with the fellow, and he ended up being so happy that someone in Amamake was willing to fight him 1v1, that next thing I know, my wallet icon is flashing and he has deposited 250mil ISK into my account! Just for being a good sport.

That's the thing I've found about EVE time and time again. It really does pay to be friendly to people sometimes. Karma and all that :P
So, then afterward I fleeted up with my new rich buddy and we both died in a fire trying to kill some ruptures, but we killed one and it was fun anyways.

I've been enjoying my Ishkur again lately (since I got AF lvl 5!), with this other cool engagement to show for it:

A Jag, catalyst and dramiel versus me. The dramiel managed to get away in the end, but was a really fun little skirmish.


Speaking of good fights. I had the opposite done to me the next day. Well I'm used to being ganked, but I thought this one deserved special mention:

I usually don't engage members of Heretics corp/alliance at all. Anyone who is familiar with Amamake knows they are never alone, there will always be a cloaked rapier/falcon etc waiting for you along with that seemingly innocent rifter....

But this time I thought I was engaging a solo arazu in my Ishkur. Little did I know that Failed diplomacy are blue to Heretics. Next thing I know, a cyno pops up and all this crap is on top of me. A Panther, a Sin, Rapier, and not one, but TWO Falcons. Now, that's a stylish gang. I had to laugh, all that for a little ishkur. These guys are pro I tell you.


Well, the next thing I have planned to do (with the ISK I was generously donated), is to fly a Maelstrom. I recently (after what seemed like forever) finished training Minmatar BS lvl 5 and large T2 projectiles.

This is my inteded fit:

So me and my famous blogger friend - Gallente Justice Officer Lady Shaniqua - are going to do a pro Maelstrom duo sometime soon. Please wish us a good roam and no falcons, so we can blog about it gloriously :) Can't wait!


  1. I thought I saw you flashing around red by Torrinos this morning. Good thing I was in an Orca otherwise I might have tried tackling you.. :) Glad to see you posting again.

  2. Haha thanks m8 good to be back, and I remember seeing an orca too, and thinking "Sigh...if only we weren't in high sec" ^^

  3. Nice stuff, Laedy. Amamake seems to have gotten utterly ridiculous lately even compared to normal. One of my fondest memories of the place was seeing Switch4 playing bait in his Rifter, taking the bait, killing him, and running away from the Recon and HAC gang they dropped on me including two Falcons. Ah, happy days. Maybe I should head back that way at some point.

  4. I've seen you around Amamke a few times while I'm roaming with Ava Starfire and some others. Good to see you posting again :)