Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kessah's Dominix

For anyone unfamiliar with the famous "Kessah's Dominix":

This is what it looks like:

It has an ungodly tank and awesome dps. It's pretty much the best Domi fit you can get for solo pvp.
It was made famous by the EVE player "Kessah" who made some awesome pvp vids where he used them a lot and got some excellent fights, usually outnumbered and outgunned.

And so, after a looooong time not soloing in a Battleship, I go and try my trusty Domi. I even splash out and fit the Faction EANM. This will be good, I tell myself.

Long story short, I engaged what 2 cyclones belonging to the Caldari militia. After some smack in local, the cyclone pilots  had assured me that they were not together with the blob of Battlecruisers I had seen with them just earlier. I had my alt in the next system, and indeed, the blob seemed to be gone.

So, first cyclone is going down pretty quickly, then  ecm drones jam me, and he warps out. The other cyclone also has ecm drones, and I'm again jammed. Then.... FALCON.
Then.... BLOB (well, 10 ships in total:)

I have to say, despite being perma-jammed, and not killing anything, my Domi was awesome. It tanked for ages and ages. Not long enough for me to crawl back to the gate though.

So I get my post-failure emo thing going. And smack ensues. The caldari militia start off by complimenting me on my tank. And then the FALCON pilot says in local "GF :)"

Now, if there is one thing I hate most in this game is a falcon pilot, with a blob, saying "good fight" to a solo pilot they have just ganked.

And so I give in to the smack (rants about OP ecm, and dishonourable cyclones), and make myself out to be a complete fool in local. sigh...

Lessons learnt:

1. Always try and hug the gate. I could've easily deagressed and jumped through.
2. Check local spike and use your close range scanner more often to check for incoming blob.
3. Don't give in to smack, especially if you're the one that died. You just come across like a complete cry-baby.

So, this week I'm back to T1 cruisers. Kessah's Dominix will have to wait until another blue-moon in which I feel confident enough to go out and dance with her.

I don't care what anyone says, I still think it's one of the most beautiful ships in the game. Much love xoxo


  1. Props to spreading the might that is kessah's domi.

    It's even crazier with max skills, and hardwires.

    I miss flying with him. :(

  2. heh Lars your such a noob though ;)

    UL with the Domi bud. Sometimes I will drop a blaster for a cloak and just hang around for the right time.


  3. OMG!!! Kessah \o/
    I don't know you, but I love you just a little bit ♥♥♥
    When I come back to the game can I roam with you one day in Dominixes? That would be unreal.