Monday, July 5, 2010

4 Fails in a row

So, I decided to leave my comfortable low sec pipe and venture to 0.0 for a week.

Aim: To learn how to fly fast/nano ships, and to get better at manual piloting.

Ship number 1: Rupture

I buy and fit my rupture and decide to take it from Rens to Providence. I get 3-4 jumps into low sec, and land into this. Pretty much insta-popped. Never ever have I bought and lost a ship that quick before (like 3 minutes), was amazing.

I give up on the idea of Providence for now, and head to Curse.

Ship number 2: Thrasher

Feeling the shame of recent ship losses, I decide to fly something even cheaper. Surely this will get me at least a couple of inty kills before I die terribly.
3 jumps into 0.0 and I get lazy, don't check for bubbles and warp to 0 on a gate. Land in a drag bubble with a sacrilege and don't make it far before I pop.

It's ok, I will come back in a Rupture and get revenge!

Ship number 3: Rupture again

Roaming aimlessly, nothing to kill around. I see some 1.8mil bounty rats and think to myself "I could do with the sec status gain, I will kill this rat. Yes! this is a good idea!"
Long story short, I find myself webbed and scrammed, far from a gate soon in a pod.

Ship number 4: Rupture once more

I quickly gather my senses from the humiliation of dying to npc, and rush back to grab another rupture. Once I'm back in curse, I find myself bored from not finding targets, and the busy chatting to other eve friends. I get myself to a safe spot and continue daydreaming/chatting/watching T.V.

Five minutes later, a dramiel is on top of me, scramming me. I look around and realize that all along I was not at a safe spot, but actually 80km from a gate! Why on Earth would I make a bookmark 80km from a gate??? And why on Earth did I not realize I was there? I must be frikkin blind!!! Long story short, The dramiel gets friends in before I'm able to kill him, and I'm soon dead.

Lessons learnt:

1. If you can afford it, buy and fit multiple ships at the same time. You may just get killed within 3 minutes of buying one, and having more ready to go decreases the chance of emo-rage-quitting by 50%
2. Don't be lazy. If you can, warp to celestials first before warping blindly to a gate in 0.0
3. Don't underestimate npc. They have evil intents. When CCP put in their description "Threat level - DEADLY" They meant it
4. Name your bloody safe spots correctly

And so concludes this week's daily fail.

I'm back in Tama-Oms pipe in my old plated Vexor. It's slow, and easy and dependable. But not fail-proof, so I'm sure I'll be back here soon with more tales to tell :)

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