Friday, July 30, 2010

Just wanted to brag...

I killed a Zealot in my Thrasher today.

Amamake Top belt - solo.

Killmail here

This might not be huge news for anyone else, but for about 5 minutes today, I felt like I won EVE.

It wasn't an easy kill either, those pulse lasers really hurt. But I managed to get under his guns, and then gradually wore away at his armor and killed him (fortunately he died just seconds before a dramiel landed and proceded to kill me). Anyways, that's what you get for not fitting a web or neut to your shiney ships :)

I got so confident after this kill, I went and engaged a Caracal Navy Issue in the same fit Thrasher. Unsurprisingly that ended very badly very quickly.

Here's a Haiku for my Zealot friend:

floating into space
both our wrecks sit together
your zeal did not last


  1. omg mrchucknorris I KNOW THAT GUY!

    don't worry laedy he flies in mh we will have ur vengeances for thrasher o doom.

  2. I care

    Bad HAC pilots getting blown up by a solo destroyer is exactly the kind of thing I care about reading when I read a blog about Internet spaceships blowing up other internet spaceships

  3. Haha, epic. Good thing the Zealot didn't have a web.

    Mrchucknorris is my corp mate. :P

  4. LOL @Sard thanks m8, hope you can avenge me ^^

    @ Lady Shaniqua - thanks m8 :)

    @00Sage00 haha if I'm not flying with you guys, I usually try and stay away from you lot :P He's a very good dram pilot

  5. Nicely done Laedy, awesome as ever.