Monday, July 19, 2010

First Ever PVP Loss

I just recently delved into my Killboard past, and found my first ever pvp lossmail.

It was this Brutix

That's right, I had fitted 2 warp core stabilizers, and a cloak.
If I remember correctly, I bought this Brutix semi-cheaply on a contract fitted with rigs and everything, then I went and added the cloak and the 2xWCS. I can't remember how i died, whether I forgot to warp off, or whether he actually had 3 points on his Dominix....

I was in a high-sec carebear corp back then that got wardecced by these guys. I was in awe of them, as I constantly saw my corp mates lose ships to them. Eventually the corp fell apart due in part to the demoralizing effect of some wardecs, but in the meanwhile I was brave and decided to take one of them head on and try pvp solo for the first time.

This pilot had been camping our station for ages in a Taranis. So I decide to undock the Brutix (thinking, hey I can kill a frigate in this, easy). When he sees me, he docks back up and undocks the Dominix. I didn't even realize he was in a bigger ship until it was too late and I was dead.

It was such a rush, but so disappointing at the same time. I convoed the pilot, Tsaya, afterwards and asked for advice on how to pvp. He was nice to give me some pointers, and ever since then I was hooked! I went on to Factional warfare, and then pirating and always swore that one day I would get enough skills and get revenge on that pilot.

I recently realized he's still in my address book and sometimes logs in, but unfortunately I don't think he undocks much so getting revenge would be rather hard.

If anyone sees this guy around can you let me know?



    Mining Thrasher in Great Wildlands. Took a Devoter and a Rapier/Huginn to pin my down, I swear it!

  2. I actually laughed out loud at that fit. Nice stabs. We all have to start somewhere.