Friday, July 16, 2010

The Curse (no not the ship)

We all have bad days in EVE. An embarrassing loss here or there, especially when one is flying whilst inebriated or other legitimate excuses (wife/husband/kid aggro etc)

Sometimes however, YOU ARE JUST CURSED. This seems to happen to me once every couple of weeks, which is fine because it will be good fodder for my blog.

If you come and fly with me whilst I'm officially cursed, you too will die. As, this poor fellow who came roaming with me today found out (he lost 3 ships whilst roaming with me in a couple of hours).

Ok, so here's the brief run-down:

Rifter number 1:
Died to a rapier, couldn't get a close enough orbit quick enough.

Thrasher number 1:
Died to a vaga because I hit "orbit" which was set to 500 from the previous rifter use. When I realised, it was too late, and I couldn't mwd fast enough away and I died before I could warp (was sooo close).

Thrasher number 2:
I knew I was likely being camped by some Amarr militia, but tried to undock any ways. Got alphaed by a sensor boosted Tempest before I could even think or blink.

Thrasher number 3:
Went for a vengeance at a gate, but didn't keep range well enough, and he got a scram on me = dead. He brought friends, and I burnt out my guns from overheating.

Thrasher number 4:
Frikkin stabber. My friend also died, in a thrasher. I can't even remember what happened here, I seriously was getting to the point of not caring.

Vexor of Doom/Fail:
So, me and my new friend, got sick of dieing in paper thin thrashers, and decided to go up to cruisers. I clone jumped into my slaves set, and got my trimarked Vexor. NOW I MEAN BUSINESS.
We both go for a hurricane that looks like its alone. My friend in the arbitrator dies, and I managed to scram and web the cane, so I'm confident I can kill him cause he is shield tank and he's already in armor. Then local spikes. Blob.

It's one of those days. I give up.

Here however, are a list of possible excuses for me failing so hard today:

1. I'm playing on my mac laptop (which overheats, is laggy, and has :LOL trackpad: , not even a mouse)
2. I couldn't use voice comms, so was communicating with my friends through chat. (I know, fail)
3. I'm doing an all-nighter. I'm tired, and semi-distracted watching music videos whilst playing.
4. I have a head ache.
5. I just had bad luck.
6. I'm terrible at this game, I should just rage-quit and give all my stuff to you.
7. I'm cursed. 

I think number 7 is the most likely excuse here.

Maybe I got cursed because I once did something bad to a carebear and they put a hex on me?
I don't know, but I do remember a few rage mails from victims wishing me bad karma. "One day you'll get what what's coming to you!!!" "I hope you suffer horribly in real life and get cancer and die" etc... Well 'Mr. Mission-runner in low-sec who armor and shield tanks and fits warp core stabs and thinks he's safe', you were right. I got what was coming to me. I'M SORRY!

Lessons learnt:

1. Set your orbits correctly according to the ship you're flying. (Or better yet, learn to manual pilot, unlike me)
2. Don't try to fly fast, paper-thin ships whilst on the mac laptop
3. Don't try to fly in a gang with someone with no voice comms.
4. Amarr militia are pretty mean in the Euro Timezone
5. Get some sleep

In other news... I got into the top 200 pilots ranking on Battleclinic this week, yay!

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