Saturday, August 21, 2010

WGOE Inaugural Op!

For those of you not in the know, WGOE (Women Gamers of EVE) is an ingame channel/group started by Malindah many years ago. It comprises of strictly women gamers. No boys allowed! It's just a friendly channel where the ladies can chill at and talk about anything EVE or non-EVE related.

There is a process where you first join the public channel (WGOE=Public) and from there, you have to be voice interviewed in order to get in to the strictly female private channel. So, don't even try boys, we can tell a guy with a voice modulator a mile off :P

I've been in the channel for a couple of months now, and usually it's been pretty quiet in there. Recently though, we've been having an influx of new ladies joining, so I decided it would be a good idea to get an event together so we could get to know each other.

And so the monthly WGOE Op was born!

With just a couple of days notice, we managed to get 11 Yarr Ladies to come on the first frig roam tonight.

It was so much fun!

We had a mix of people of different backgrounds, from very skilled FC's to complete PVP beginners. Some well known EVE chick celebs came too, such as CSM rep Mynxee and Brianna Tempest (of AT8 fame)!

We started from Amamake. And not off to a good start.

In preparation, I had been carting some fitted frigs back and forth from Ossogur (high-sec) into Amamake. I had been going in my pod into Ossogur and back in the fitted ships. I did this so many times (I don't own a cloaky hauler), that one nasty F1nal Agony member must have seen me, and decided to go sit at the Ossogur gate in a Hyperion and smartbombed me as I was warping in to the gate. Talk about a griefer... He gained nothing from this, whereas it made me be 30 mins late to the op, as well as - and here is the really bad part - I lost my full set of High Grade Slaves (plus Akemon). All up worth close to 3 bil.

I was shocked. Normally in this situation I would be furious, but we had an Op to do, and I had to get back on the horse. I went and got myself a new slave set. All my savings are now gone but that's ok, it's well worth it. I had owned those implants for nearly a whole year and not lost them. I had gotten really good use out of it (hundreds and hundreds of kills) so I can't complain, it was bound to happen one day.

Anyways, tragedy aside.

The gang started off chaotically, as I had to get to know people's voices, and try and remember what ships they were flying (all T1 and T2 frigates). This was my first time FC'ing a proper gang and I was so nervous and all over the place. I'm so used to flying solo, this was a real challenge for me.

Thankfully, brave Tsumei Meyren stepped up and took the position of scout. I found out she has been playing the game for 5 years, and FC'ing on a regular basis, so we were in good hands.

The first engagement we came across was a Rupture. We all warp in, looks easy. Then Hurricane comes in, and then another Hurricane (he got out)!!! Definitely not the types of ships you want to encounter in a frig gang. We managed to kill them both, unfortunately losing Brianna and Ariartus.

And so we moved on towards Ardar Solar System. Things got a bit crazy, as some of us in gang were flashy red (below -5), while others weren't. So some ships would try and engage us at gates, and we were playing deagressing games with a drake and rapier (it was very annoying).

Moving on, we got another nice fight in Hadozeko, where we killed 2 Hurricanes (what's with all the minmatar anti-frig ships???). Poor Ariartus died in the rifter again (probably being primaried because she's flashy). Props goes to our dramiel and tackle pilots (namely Wicked Princess at the start) who were fantastic, and were burning to and getting warp in on things.

The roam got really really quiet from there on in. We couldn't find gangs that were of an engage-able size. Three of the girls managed to get a nice Comet kill while the rest of us waited, hoping for more. Nothing eventuated, and so we headed back to Amamake, ready to end the Op in a glorious last battle at the Top Belt, as we were sure we would find a fight there.

Surely enough, we got a fight in no time. We got a warp in on a Cynabal (another horrible ship to engage in frigs), and all went for it but not surprisingly, it managed to keep range and kill us one by one. To add to this misfourtune, the Cynabal was blue to me, and so I couldn't shoot him :(Within a minute a Hurricane and Tempest also landed and proceeded to slaughter the vast majority of us (including me in the Ishkur). To top it all off, the Cynabal got away to live another day.

Welcome to Amamake girls! It was a rather spectacular way to end the Op.

Below is a little memorabilia pic I made of all who came along:

Thanks to all the ladies that showed up. I'm sorry you had to put up with my woeful FC'ing, but I'm learning, and it was an honour to fly with you all.

We had so much fun chatting during the op and afterwards too. It's just a really nice change to hear all female voices on Ventrillo. Lots of pillow fights in pajamas and talks about unicorns and kittens :)

Next time it's T1 Cruisers baby! We should be able to engage a lot more targets this way, and be a bit more survivable.

We're going to make this a monthly thing from now on, so if any of you know any ladies that might be interested tell them to join the WGOE=Public channel and talk to me, Malindah or Arancia Detto.

See you there!


  1. Sounds like you ladies had a great time! Unfortunately I can't join in on the fun due to "natural selection" hur hur.

  2. OMG my first ever Dev comment!

  3. Wow sounds like you had a great night (implant loss aside!)

    I'd love to come along if you don't have a huge aversion to hopeless, suicidal alcoholics? Would be fun to get the chance to fly with lots of ladies.

    As the gang was mixed sec status were you going for pirates? My CEO would not be happy if I went off shooting neutrals...

    Have family staying at the moment but I shall try and join the channel later in the week o/

    *Goes off to inspect Vexor collection*

  4. "hopeless, suicidal alcoholics"... sounds like you'll fit right in :D

    We shot neutrals as well as pirates, anything that was available really. If it's just once a month I'm sure your CEO wouldn't mind that much hey?

    Vexors ROCK!!!

  5. And there was me crying over a T3 when here you are lossing 3 bil pod and ship o_0 sorry to hear that I mean wow...yea you had lot's of fun but WOW!

  6. Sounds like lots of fun :)

    Maybe I can use this as a way to ge my sister to play, she has shown some interest but this might prove to her that it is not an all guy game...

    /emote ponders possibilities

  7. That was some of the most fun I've had in months--and a great way to relax after having worked most of the day. It was also the perfect way to kick off the descent of my sec status back towards flashy! Despite your concerns, you did a fine job FC'ing--hell, I managed to keep up after a whole bottle of wine, so that says something about your organizational abilities right there. Can't wait til the next one! ♥

  8. Good stuff. Though I keep laughing till i cry at the irony of it being a monthly affair xDDD

  9. Well this just sounds like too much fun! Next I'm in the game, I'll hop into the public chan to gain the secret infos so I can play along on the next roam. :)

  10. PS - This is Rutilus. :) Looking forward to much fun with you, ladies!

  11. That was truly the most fun I've ever had in EVE. Can't wait for the next one!

  12. Just noticed this blog. Great stuff :-)
    Sorry about the 3 bil pod. ouch :-(

  13. I finally get round to reading this blog and it turns out to be full of great stuff!

    o7 to you Laedy

    -Mr Kha

  14. Arcana Mortis (XGSX)September 30, 2010 at 6:47 AM

    Wish I could have come :-/ but im still struggling to be online + voice the same time as you lol