Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Biomassing and Cancelling EVE - a how to (also, take my quiz!)

Earlier this week, a corp mate of mine, named Un'cas, sadly decided to leave the game.


The reasons he cited were not uncommon to many others I've seen lately:

"My decision has nothing to do with BiPo in general or any person/player in particular. It has everything to do with my growing disatisfaction with CCP and how they treat the players. The fact they have no regard for we, the paying customers and that there is realy nothing new for me to do in eve, made this decision inevitable months and months ago."
(Un'cas - Bi-po forums)

This is far from an uncommon occurrence in EVE Online, especially lately with all the public outrage shown towards CCP. Un'cas however, went that one step further while quitting the game. He not only cancelled his subscription, he also biomassed his 2005 Character!

For those who have not seen what happens when someone does that, this is the corp mail we receive as a notice:

The deceased then becomes a member of "Doomheim" Corp (Ticker [666]), and their name can no longer be found or linked in the character search ingame.

In Un'cas' memory, I've decided to create a quiz that will enable you to find out whether you or a loved one are showing signs of an oncoming emo rage quit. Hopefully by learning more about your true current feelings about EVE Online, you will be able to reflect and make an informed and level-headed decision about your future in the game.

(If you do decide to go on and quit, there are instructions further below on how to do so.)


Are you in danger of rage-quitting EVE Onine? Find out - Take this Quiz!

edit - (Quiz is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, please don't take it too seriously or take offense)


This is how you go about Biomassing your character:

You then have to wait a full 10 hours in the biomass processing queue (in the meanwhile hopefully you'll change your mind), before going ahead and turning your beloved character into space ashes. As a bonus, you also get to hear lovely screaming and burning sound effects when you actually press the final terminate button!

Cancelling your subscriptions to EVE:

Log into your EVE account management page and click on the circled item as shown below.

That's it! Hopefully you've made the right decision. All the best, and may you have a long and prosperous RL without internet spaceships!



  1. I confess, I love biomassing a character just to hear that sound. I need it as a ringtone or something.

  2. Yeah. Absoultely no bias here. Welcome to Eve!

  3. podcat's Result: Whiner Extraordinaire

    *_\\ ( I dont whine... much

  4. @ Dax Jr. Yes I do! As well as a Hannah Montana, and Lindsay Lohan :) Have you seen me in local lately?

  5. @Laedy If I were to see you in local, I doubt Dax would survive. /me shudders However you won't see David who might flash on your d-scan for one second, but that's all you'll get. If your system has Guristas anomalies, I could take my covert Tengu there. I've yet to hit my jackpot deadspace module. Wish me luck!

  6. Loyal Pony for meh.

    I always end up taking a break with EvE (I am kinda on one atm. But I can never see myself quiting for good.

    CCP do annoy me sometimes tho.

  7. loyal pony also is that 121 mails u have and i thought the 30ish i get everytime i log on was bad :p

  8. For some reason the quiz says I'm a rage-quitter. I can't understand why it would come up with that.

  9. LOL @ spectre

    I am far too adicted to eve to quit, plus I like my character :)

    Actually I have a something of a habit of bio-massing alt characters, they all irritate me far too much :o

    I started my blog as an attempt to keep playing eve as I feel I am less likely to kill of Shota if she has a proper backstory.

    Fly Safe

  10. I can see a situation where I would quit Eve, but it would also involve the utter destruction of civilization as we know it - so I suspect at that time we'd all have more important things to be doing.

    Although sometimes I imagine I'd be like that guy in World War Z that played thru the Zombie uprising.

  11. I really don't understand why anyone would bio-mass a character (unless it was just an experimental toon or say a scam alt). As someone on our forums recently said (on our own Un'cas thread lol) why destroy something you've invested so much alcohol in!

  12. Loyal Pony. AND i got a picture of a pony I LOVE PONIES, AND it was pink which is AWESOME \o/

  13. I will never quit
    My characters will not die
    Pirates forever.

  14. Thanks for the replies guys!

    @Raxip Nice sneaky Haiku there :D

  15. excellent post dude, very funny and to the point. stop whining or fuck off i say.

    pink ponies all the way!