Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crap week, but I'll live - Also, check out some sweet new blogs:

I thought about making a blog post reply to the "Blog Banter" about griefing this week (btw, my fave reply I've read so far is this, by Lady Shaniqua), but then I really couldn't be bothered. Although, I recently actually felt very griefed in EVE Online for one of the first times ever. 

As you may have read in my previous post, I was podded earlier this week and lost my very expensive HG slave set of implants. I spent all my savings and bought a new set soon after, worth 2.8 bil. Expecting this set to last me as long as the last one (1 year).

Well guess what? I got podded, again.
Long story short. I'm currently flashy at -5.05. As I've said before, I hate being flashy red so much. I was just about to dock up in Auga and clone jump to do some 0.0 sec ratting, when I jumped into a Minmatar FW gang and lost my thrasher. My laptop lagged, and I wasn't able to get my pod out. I was literally 1 minute away from jumping out of my slaves. I couldn't believe it.

I lost 5.6 bil isk worth of implants in 1 WEEK.

Massive emo-nerd-rage. My poor corp mates and other friends that were online witnessed it all. I swore I was quitting EVE right there and then etc... Not a pretty sight.

Well I'm not quitting EVE, but I'm not buying any more expensive implants again. Not for a long, long time anyway. I'm going to have to change my play style quite a bit. Those who use slaves/snakes/crystals will understand this: Having nice implants is very addictive. You become so used to having that extra advantage. Especially as a solo player, it's so handy to have because I'm almost always engaging people while outnumbered and outgunned.

It's ok, I'll move on, adapt and try new things. I might be carebearing for a while though, not too keen on getting out there to hardcore pvp again just yet.

In other news:

My friend Brianna Tempest has started blogging again!
Check out her cool blog at this link.

I met Azishkra’elhykai Mizamel (the first Aussie chick I've ever come across in EVE) irl for a coffee last week! It so happens we live in the same city, and we had a blast meeting up and chatting about all things EVE and non-EVE related. She also has a blog (click here), so check it out!

I'll be getting a new banner soon for my blog. The talented Rixx Javix (of EVEOGANDA) is in the process of designing it. I can't wait!


  1. Ouch Laedy, super bad luck there :(

  2. Bl with the implants ): i know how that feels

  3. Ouch, Laedy. That is painful. I'm really sorry.

  4. Very bad luck, I lost an 80 mil clone last week due to and overview misclick. Not very pleasant!

  5. Worst stroke of luck you having there laedy :-(
    Even with the low probability of losing your clone in lowsec, lag and all other server issues is the reason dont run better than some +4's and 5% wires as the most expensive implants.

  6. Lost high grade snakes one time... it hurt. Added the fact that it was to "bullshit" it made it even worse. I got shot by artilery, even tho i was in warp (i got the "warp drive active message" and my logs even told me I was in warp to the belt). Was like the second time I ever petitioned anything, but CCP basically told me to GTFO.

    Since then, I've always made do with low grades. Thier alot cheaper, the diffence isnt that great annnnnd you still have an advantage over those who dont have implants.

    And get snakes for solo!

  7. Just go with LG implants. They are still a pretty big advantage but you'll only be spending 200-400mil after implants and hardwirings. I was pretty addicted to LG snakes and slaves ever since Skye fucking berated me until I bought them. I think I've lost a total of 3 sets of LG implants due to podding and every time it made me die a little inside.

  8. @ Andrea and Spectre. Yeah you're right... I just checked Jita prices, and LG slaves are cheaper than I thought. 560 mil for the set, and the difference in EFT is really comparable. Especially for cruiser and below ships.

    I've thought about snakes too but idk, still a bit reeling from those losses.

    I've been having fun losing a crap-load of dessies and frigs retardedly lately. We'll see how it goes.

  9. After a few such incidents I stopped plugging in for a long time and have only recently started filling my head again. It can be very expensive for anyone that might be kilt at a moments notice.

    The banner looks great btw and I just plugged your site over on Eveoganda! Keep up the great work.

  10. Wow, bad luck Laedy. I agree with spectre and andrea - much love for the LGs. That said, some of individual HGs are pretty cheap and can be mixed in with the LGs to give better overall performance without too much cost increase. In particular, the perception and willpower HGs (can't remember the slots) are often not too pricey and give you that nice little extra training boost too.

  11. Banner looks great Laedy! That's some seriously bad luck losing that much in implants. I have yet to plug in even LG's - too much of a chicken and too many bubbles in my neck of the woods.

  12. Thanks for all your sympathetic comments guys! It helps a lot :)
    I'm adapting, getting a new attitude and still loving EVE. Much love ♥

  13. Thanks for the plug Laedy! I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your new HG slaves again, just really bad luck to lag while ship dies. :( I talked to Rixx and maybe I'll have him design a banner too... I really like your new one! When's our next WGOE roam :P