Monday, August 30, 2010

New Banner, new attitude, same crappy pilot

I have a brand new banner, and a slightly new look to my Blog!

Many thanks go to Rixx Javix of EVEOGANDA for the pretty pic above ♥♥♥

I've been having a lot of fun in Amamake again lately.  I've recovered from my emo-rage attitude lately (see previous post), and I've been hanging out with my old corpies from NQX Innovations (I blogged about them in this post). We bring into gang any other friends that happen to be nearby such as  Azishkra’elhykai Mizamel, CHED (my EVE white-knight) and others. I've also been helping/teaching  my old friend Ellpeegee about some of the finer points of pvp. He's just getting back into pvp after a long time, and I find it's always rewarding and refreshing to help less experienced players.

I died 5 times today, in the space of a few hours. I could go into details, but I'm terrible at battle reports, so I won't. Basically most of my Amamake fights (in make-shift gangs) go like this:

"Everyone align to top belt, be ready to warp to Laedy"
"Warp to Laedy, warp to Laedy!!!"
"Cmon guys where are you???"
"Need help here, hurry up"
"Overload, get points on everything, CALL IT"
"I'm going down, keep at it!"
"I'm dead, stay on him guys"
"Stay aligned guys, be ready to get out"
"You're all going down? Warp out, warp out!"

and rinse and repeat

It's all so chaotic and hilarious.  If you ever come fly with me, you'll understand that I am extremely suicidal. I don't have much patience, I don't mind dieing over and over, as long as I get an equal or more amount of kills. We nearly had some really juicy kills too. We were very close to killing a vaga in a few thrashers, but then all 3 of us got permajammed by falcon :(
Amamake local chat is often pretty hilarious too. People whine and rage at being blobbed, falconed,  about "1v1's" being dishonoured etc...

My friend Malakai and I had a particularly hilarious fight last night, when we decided to engage a rifter in the top belt. I was flying a Merlin for the first time ever, and he was in his "LOL" Stiletto (I'm too scared to ask him how he fits it, literally the worst DPS ever). Well, it turns out the Merlin is a pretty crap ship. I had a rail and rockets fit, so it was meant for kiting at 7km.

Well, this Rifter lasted for a whole 8 minutes. It was either the most epic rifter I've ever seen, or we just had the most pathetic DPS ever:

Total Damage Taken: 8,759

I'd say that's pretty good for a rifter... LOL Chat logs here.

I've had a few Amamake residents recognize me lately. Some will be like,  "Laedy, you want a 1v1?" and then 1 minute later it's: "Oh wait, you're the same Laedy from that Garmonation 7 video aren't you? Never mind then." Like, seriously?

Recently I've also had people mention about my blog in local chat. It's kind of flattering to know I've got some readers, but then I realize that it's a lot of free intel right there for them. This one guy a couple of weeks ago was like: "Oh, no way I'm engaging your thrasher in my Ishkur. I've read what you wrote in your blog about killing AF's in that".

Oh and my favourite excuse that I've heard (after they've checked up on some info) for not wanting to fight me: "Oh, you're a girl irl? I can't fight a woman, sorry."

I do have my blog linked in my Bio though, so it's not surprising that people that are about to engage me will have a quick look in order to gain any intel. Any one else with a Blog come across this issue?


My ships are often named: "Hannah Montana" and "Myley Cyrus"



  1. Looks great! I'm so happy you liked that direction, your writing inspired me to take a more lyrical approach. I love the idea that her hat is being blown off my the passing Vexor fleet, even though that is probably impossible, it still creates such a mood.

    I also just sent you a couple of presents. Enjoy.

  2. The Merlin isn't that bad! Just don't rail fit the poor thing. I used to fly some around with autocannons/med shield extender. Dps is still rather sad, but not as sad as rails, and you can hit to reasonable distances with barrage. It's a nice ship!

  3. To paraphrase Aldo, it's not whether you win or lose, but how stylish you look in the process.

    And your website looks stunning.


    Great job Rixx

    "Life is an occasion," he said. "You must always look your best - even crawling through synthetic oil in the engine room. One can be fashionable even in battle. You may die in agony, but you will do so knowing that, while you may not be the better man, you are the better dressed man."

  4. Your banner looks insanely cool, just FYI.

    Shame about the losses, I hope you get some great kills soon make up for it!

  5. Love the new banner.

    oh and btw Stiletto's arnt LOL they are totally 100% the BEST solo inty even if it does take a while to kill stuff :)

  6. @ Lady Shaniqua - Hehe, not saying Stiletto's are LOL in general, just HIS specific fit is lolz.

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  8. sorry for above, seems i need a spellchecker for everything i write lately :-S
    Love the new look of your blog

  9. Nice banner. Shame about the pods, but Eve has a way of balancing out - I'm sure you'll find a space pinata somewhere out there 8)