Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nice things for the man of the house

I haven't mentioned this in my blog before, but I do have an adoring husband that also shares my EVE addiction. His ingame character name is Rawden, and recently he turned 40 y.o! I got him a special Birthday present:

(Handsome isn't he?)

Yes, that's a Megathron model from the EVE store! It's the nerdiest thing I've ever bought I think, but he loves it, and it's sitting on top of our TV cabinet.

I also got him one of these:

You see, Rawden is a Gallente Federation purist. He's got about 55 mil SP I think, and he is fully Gallente-only specced. I don't think he would mind me saying this, but he is a hardcore carebear though, so our interests in EVE often don't match. On the rare occasion I will try and run some lvl 5 missions with him, or he will try some pvp with me, but it usually ends up with one of us incredibly bored. So we're happy to do our own thing. He's in his study pwning Gurista scum in his Kronos, and I'm in the lounge pwning noobs in Amamake or dying horribly to Falcons.

When I first created a character in EVE Online, I actually wanted to make a Caldari chick (because I just thought they looked way cool) but the hubby wouldn't let me because he was like: "No! I can't have my wife be a different race to me, we'd be at war! You have to be Gallente."
And so here I am. Gallente - Intaki and happy.

I guess I really should thank him after all this time, because had I chosen the Caldari route who knows where I might have been by now. Probably in an NC corp flying Falcons or running sanctums in a Golem or Tengu or something. WHO KNOWS.


Quick side-note: Speaking of Falcons, I guess I should do a little update on my previous blog post "My first corp drama!. It created an unexpected threadnaught in the comments section, that is still going. Some people are just really passionate about their ECM and I guess I should leave it alone from now on. I'm sorry if I offended anyone! On a good note though, my beloved corp and I are bonding more and more, and I have noticed a strong decrease in the falcon addiction. Thank you all for your kind words and advice through this hard time.


Anyways. For my darling hubby, Happy Birthday!!!


  1. I love you too, my bold and courageous wifie

  2. Azishkra'elhykai MizamelOctober 12, 2010 at 7:04 AM

    NYAWWWWWWWW sooo kyuuuute!

    I think I've narrowed that falcon debate down to three groups in our corp: Those that hate them (49.5%), those that love them (49.5%) and those that don't give a damn (1% aka ME! >.>)

  3. You're a very lucky couple. My wife is firmly into Facebook "gaming" and that's as far as it goes. OTOH, I'm working on the kids and while they will never play EvE, maybe SWTOR is in our future as a family.

  4. YES! I am so looking forward to SWTOR MMO. I've never played any MMO's apart from EVE, but I'm going to make a special exception for that one :D

  5. I met my other half in the SWG mmo lol

    Nice to see an Eve-couple where the guy is the carebear, you must convert him to the dark-side at some point though!

  6. I have that Mega model on my desk too! I'm not going to mention my age however, suffice to say your husband and I have lots in common.

  7. "I think I've narrowed that falcon debate down to three groups in our corp: Those that hate them (49.5%), those that love them (49.5%) and those that don't give a damn (1% aka ME! >.>)"


    @ topic: this reminds me of the raging nerd jealousy that was going on in bside when you announced the fact you received goodies for the man from the eve store. BEST WIFE EVER.

  8. I saw that Megathron model and a few others when I saw the CCP booth at PAX in 2009. It was so goddamn cool looking that I wanted to break their glass case and steal it.

  9. I wanted to steal a megathron model that they put up at the studio in AT8, they were so cool! You're such a nice wifey :)

    I started Caldari and now I rarely fly caldari ships. <3 my amarr inties!

    Oh and I got a new banner from Rixx, check it out!

  10. Awww :DDD it's great when you can share experiences.

    For myself, I thought your post on Falcons was great. I know why pirates hate ECM...which makes it all the better :P
    See you after your break!

  11. Laedy, you are golden wife!! Best gift's a Man could get. :)


  12. Cool post Laedy and nicely done with the gift. Very eve chic

  13. Many ppl say the Mega is terribad for pvp, but I´m not sure I'll resist it in the long run... It just looks so awesome:)

    Best regards,
    Ebrey, The Tuskers

  14. Gotta love the Throns, I might have to buy my self one of those models now