Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Character Portraits

As talked about in a new dev blog by CCP t0rfifrans, the new character creation tool is up and running on the Singularity server. It's far from finished (as is explained in the dev blog) and some of it is down right terrible at this stage, but it is a hell of a lot of fun so far.

There isn't yet a lot of choice for clothes and other cosmetic details (the eyebrows are terrible!) but if you're like me and you can't wait to play around with it, go download the Sisi server and have a look for yourself.

This is the closest I've been able to make a portrait that looks like the current Laedy:

And this is a pic of what the full avatar body looks like so far:

I think she's pretty in a simple way...

If you're really looking into making hotties though, I would highly recommend Caldari Civire, they look way cool!


In other news. I haven't actually been playing EVE or posting on my blog as much as I usually do. I'm kind of lacking some motivation to do so at the moment, not sure why.

I finally flew the shield boosting Cyclone though! Thank you to my sponsors that gave me the ISK to do so last time I posted about it.

This is my fit:

I managed to die twice to police in high-sec (well, one was at Jita undock to The 0rphanage too). I still need to fix that damn sec status YET AGAIN. Anyways, I actually had some really fun fights in the cyclone with some buddies also in BC's, and also a nice Orca gank. He jumped into an 0.0 entry system blind /o\

I'm hoping to get some solo fights next week, since I haven't done that in soooo long. Wish me luck, and no FALCONS!!!!


  1. I'm rather looking forward to tweaking with my avatar. Though I feel my ambitions for a pink tracksuit and police hat may not be available :(

    Are you enjoying the cyc? I think it's a really really fun boat.


  2. Yep I do enjoy it a lot, just got to stay away from neuts I realized. LOL

    Don't worry, we'll make you some pink tracksuits in the WIS clothing stores one day!

  3. Cyclones are neato. I've never flown one, but Sard is an expert, and I've seen him use them to great effect. So good luck with 'em.

    Also would this be a bad time to mention my other toon just finished skilling for Falcons? =P

  4. I'm very jealous cos my sisi is broken and it won't let me install the patch, so i can't try it out. But I've had a look at a few of the vids on youtube and it looks great :) Can't wait till November



    Oh yeah and trade you my two LG crystal sets for your HG one!

  6. Your new avatar looks like a female zoolander.

  7. Lookin good! I've just been playing with this myself.

  8. Lady, I jave a question about your cyclone fit: Do you have HG Crystals or LG Crystals fitted?

  9. @ Theo - They're HG Crystals. My new toy, I couldn't resist :)

  10. thank god for new avatars!
    when I was making my current pic I was like "get over it, I wan't to fly internet spaceship already!!" I thought I could correct it later.. XD

    My new one is going to be as simillar to the rl Oguras as possible.. Read: pretty hot.. :P


  11. Avatar looks good :) Can't wait to start messing around with mine now that I see them everywhere.

    And....Falcons FTW!!! ;PP

  12. Good luck with ratting up your sec, I wanted to kill myself fixing mine.

  13. How did you get your new avatar to look so good? I spent ages trying to get mine to 'behave' and i still ended up looking like a weird alien