Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where's Laedy?

So, it has come to my attention that I have neglected this blog for over 4 months. There's a few reasons for this but they're boring to list, so I'll make a long story short and just link you an interview I did with the Starfleet Comms Podcast. The lovely hosts were Penelope Star (fellow WGOE'er) and Noise.


I talk about:

- Leaving Pandemic Legion and joining HYDRA RELOADED
- The Alliance tournament, including details on the controversial final match
- What I'm up to these days, and why I'm not really active in EVE or blogging at the moment
- My thoughts on Incarna and what I feel EVE needs
- A small rant about ECM and Falcons (as always :P )

I had loads of fun doing it, those guys are great! I think the more EVE podcasts and blogs out there the better. The EVE community is awesome, it's what keeps me coming back to this game time and time again.

As I talk about in the interview, I'm going back to Uni full-time. I actually start tomorrow! I'm pretty excited :) So, I'll be focusing on that and I likely won't be playing EVE much or updating this blog for a good while.

Much love to anyone out there that is still reading this blog.

Fly fearlessly o7

 The most e-famous moment in my EVE career


  1. Loved the interview. Have always enjoyed the blog and hope to see more from you again someday. I must say though, I was totally crushed by "I'm not too keen about the little Punisher looking thing". Oh well, no love for the Punisher. :-/

  2. Hehe yeah I never did fly the T1 punisher much, along with it's T2 variants. The malice just doesn't really appeal to me compared to the other unique frigates given out in previous Alliance tournaments. It just seems a bit cruel to only give it 3 low and mid slots when the Utu and Freki had 4 of each =/

    Good news though, since that interview was recorded we have actually received our prizes from CCP. I was very pleasantly surprised they actually delivered them this quick! I am now the proud owner of a Vangel, and also have a nice fair share of the ISK prize in my wallet :) Don't know what to do with it yet... any ideas?

  3. The interview was a great listen. I was starting to wonder what had happened to you and thought maybe you had quit EVE.
    Good to hear your ok and good luck with your studies.

  4. Fly safe, Laedy, and congrats on going back to school full time! I would say I'd miss you in EVE but, know... ;)

  5. I know this is a bit of a necro comment - I've been away over the past month myself and haven't been in tune with much of anything. I'm just in the midst of listening to the podcast, but I had to laugh at the Falcon bit being brought up; I recently sold my Falcon just for the sake of being able to say I don't own one. :P

    Congrats from me too on going back to uni full-time, I hope it works out great for you! I'll definitely miss seeing you in-game, but I definitely know the feeling of needing to take a break from the game. Whenever you're back, we'll be here, and take care in the meantime!

  6. Hello Laedy. I've been mostly inactive since spring 2011. I thought that I would read a blog on eve to catch some news but I see you have gone cryno too. So it goes. Question: Who did your banner on this blog? It's beyond great.

    - Tom a/k/a Naxias

  7. @ Tom - OMG Naxias! Yeah, I noticed you kind of dropped off the face of the EVE universe...

    I haven't played for 4 months or so. I really feel like I'm a bit over it since the Alliance tourney. I still try and keep up to date every now and again, and keep Laedy skill training though. My husband will always play EVE, so I can never fully get away from that game. lol.

    Regarding my banner, I commissioned Rixx Javix from to make it for me, he's a really talented guy and is in charge of the EVE blog pack, so if you want to read more EVE blogs, check out links on his site.

    Good to hear from you and all the best, might see you in space again one day :)

  8. Hello! Yes, I might return some day. For now, I'm really really enjoying living an addiction-free life. I know that sounds silly to say about a game, but I do so many more things now it's not even funny. Still, I miss the guys, er, folks, and the thrill. (I currently play a simple apple/android game with the CEO of PODLA. He beats me far too often.)

    Thanks for the banner info -- I'll check out the link for sure.

    And here is to meeting again someday in cold space. The game is better with hunters like you in it. Pod your husband for me.


  9. Wow, that artist is talented! I wonder if he would make me a poster for real cash?